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by Joddoteach
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Educational Social Networking Page 2

Is it an effective means to engage students?

YES! Social networking is a collaborative student or teacher directed experience. It further opens communication for all types of learners. It allows children to connect with others based on commonality and fulfills interest through engaging in interactive opportunities. The best part is students won't even realize how much they are learning!

Not only does social networking add to traditional instruction, it acts as an extension of the learning process by allowing students to:-critical think-analyze information-apply higher order thinking skills-investigate -create-ask and answer questions-apply previously learned skills

Pedagogical Value?

Watch out!The dangers of social networking in the classroom:

-unlimited advertisements-students use improper and informal language (example: "text speak")-websites are free which allow any users to join-personal information may be posted-improper content-limited personal socialization-hides ulterior motives-possibility of bullying and cliques

How might social networking be used to aid teachers, administrators, and other school district personnel professionally?What do YOU think?



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