[2015] kaycie blanton: Educational Priorities of the New Century

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[2015] kaycie blanton: Educational Priorities of the New Century

Educational priorities of the new century.

2011It was estimated that Minorities were two to four times more likely than others to drop out of high school

2002President George W. Bush signs into law the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

2008The recession hits nationwide forcing schools to take budget cuts

2010President Barack Obama proposes broad changes to the No Child Left Behid Act.

The New Century is 2000 to present.This century is full of changes and new technology. Schools are becoming more diverse and more sophisticated about teaching and learning a variety of subjects.

Focus on DiversityData gathered during the first decade of the new century indicated that an achievement gap continues to exist between White students and Hispanic, Black, and American Indian/Alaska Native students on any measures of educational achievement. Today's primary barrier is the black-white achievement gap.

Three Trends in Education that remain the same:Three trends that will continue to be educational priorities throughout the century are equity for all students, excellence and high standards, and accountability for schools and teachers.

2014By 2014, all students will leave high school "college or career ready."

Focus on ExcellenceAlthough in this century we did have a nationwide recession, states developed new, cost-effective ways to promote excellence.

Accountability for schools and teachersDuring the new century teachers are being held accountable for student learning. More standardized testing has been applied to schools.

Although the video references Texas, I think they made a great stand on education being a priority no matter who you are.


In spite of the challenges that confront the U.S. system of education, ours is one of the few countries in the world to offer free public education to all of its children. In little more than 380 years, our education system has grown from one that provided only minimal education to an advantaged minority to one that now provides maximal educational opportunity to the majority.


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