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Educational Philosophy

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A teacher is responsible for fostering an environment that engages all students. They are responsible for making lessons memorable, engaging, and creative, no matter what learning preference the student may have. I believe that students work well when the student-teacher relationship is open. Those teachers that are genuine and care about the student more than just the educational aspects of their life will in response get the student to engage more in their class. I believe that students benefit from a student-oriented classroom rather than a teacher-driven classroom.

Our conceptual framework explains to us how the teachers of an education department believe in how one should teach and the vision they have for their students, while shaping the atmosphere portrayed in their classroom. Students learn in a variety of ways. However, through the right combination of skills one teacher has the ability to cater to the many different learning strategies inside one classroom.

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Educational Philosophy

Personal Philopsophy

The pictures to the side represent the most important things in my life. The first picture is of my sister and I becasue family is everything and I am thankful for their support. Next, is a picture of me and my sorority sisters because they are my family away from home. Lastly, is a picture of my swim team because they are there for me through the ups and the downs.

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The philosophy I most agree with is Progressivism. This theory is extrememly student oriented, where the needs of the student are placed first. The learners, which are the students, learn best when they ask questions and reflect among their peers.


Philosophy I most agree with...


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