Education in the Victorian Era

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Education in the Victorian Era

Schools where not for poor children most schools you had to pay to put a child in.Ragged schools where set up in poor areas for childen that could not afford schooling Girls and boys both primary school when they where young and then they where separated in secondary schools has they got older.When they where separated in to different schools boys and girls will learn different things.

This is one of many of the left over victorian schools still standing today.

Boys had to go to schools beacuse when there an adult tey would be the ones working Rich boys where known to go to boarding schools Boys where tought woodwork, math, and techinical drawing.

1840- ragged schools where set up for poor kids to get education1870-parliament passed, saying schools where required for children of aged 5 to 121880-Schools became maditory1883-goverment awared grants of money to school1889- Schools raised a drop out age of 12 years old 1891-Schools became free for the first time



Time-line of schools


Girls when to school from the ages of 5 to 12 then after that they would stay home to finish there education Girls where mostly tought sewing, and cooking because they would turn out to be house wifes when there are adult

Education in the Victorian era


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