[2015] Eva Soler: Education in the South

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[2015] Eva Soler: Education in the South

Education in the South

Back then in the 1930s during the Great Depression, African Americans and many Americans weren't educated well due to the lack of money. Public schools started closing because of the bad economic reasons. Many children didn't learn how to read, talk with propiety, and use manners. Many students had to walk to school and bring their own lunch. Since people barely had money, students would only bring biscuits or small pieces of bread to school, and if they didnt have thermos for water they drank water from the well. In most schools there was only one classroom with one teacher teaching all the subjects with shared books and little technology. The area inside the classroom is small and usually with little students.


During the process of learning, students at school didnt work in the best conditions. Farmers or people from rural areas experience these poor conditions. They were so poor that they payed sometimes with vedgetables or greens. As mentioned before, they had a few peers and only one teacher and one small classroom. They didn't have the best school materials nor airconditioner. They also had to walk to school or just take a bus because their families couldnt afford any transportation vehicles. Many schools didn't have a cafeteria because the school's budjet couldn't afford it. Students would bring a small lunch. Children or students didn't learn how to talk formally, and they talk mostly slang. In the book "To Kill a Mocking Bird" the main character talks slang, but at the same time learns to read correctly with her father instead of with the teacher.

Civil Rights

Education Today

Before Martin Luther KIng, colored and white students didnt have the same rights. At school, they couldn't share the same bathrooms, water fountains, classrooms or school materials. Usually African Americans had cheapy things and less priviliges. An the way to school, colored people had to go in the back of the bus and whites in front. If they disobeyed any of the laws, they would receive a punch or maybe worst.

The education we have today in schools isn't quiet like the one back then (1930s). Many new modern public schools opened with quality textbooks, materials, crayons, and other school necesities. There are no racial conflicts during the schools hours thanks to the determined Mr. King and his speeches. During the process of learning in class, the material that is ingrained is more adavanced and involves more technology. Public schools are really big with airconditioner, many classrooms, cafeteria, theathre, music classrooms,etc. In conclusion, education is the most important element in life to sucede even though you receive it poorly or in a high amount.


Topic based on book "To Kill a Mockingbird" written by Harper Lee


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