Education in the Renaissance

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Education in the Renaissance

EDUCATIONIN THERENISSANCErebirth of roman and greek

Sir Newton-part of the royal society-no friends-improved telescope-founded caulus-wrote Principa Mathmatica-master of Britian's mint-"To evrey reaction there's an equal and opposite reaction"

Newton once poked a bodkin behind his eye to "see" his vision bodkin-below

nobility school-Humanist

middle class school-have just enough to live

Globe Theatre made by Shakespeare but,destroied by the purtians

printing press

Schools in the Renaissance studied the ancient Greeks and Romans.The schools may have studied Humanist studies.

The printing press was created by a German gold smith named Johannes Gutenburg.Before the printing press was invented, any writings and drawings had to be completed painstakingly by hand

During the Renaissance there where several changes and emphasized in history,poetry,and ethnic.

Filippo Bernellaschi a famous architect developed the portable clock.William Congreve enginnered the rocket.The eye glass and spectale was created in Florence,Italy. (not sure of the inventor)


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