Education in Poland

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Education in Poland

Education in Poland

The last diploma that you can get in Poland is the title of postgraduate. To begin postgraduate education must have undergraduate certificate. Time of this step is not regular.

The third posibility of this education step is school with technical subjects. It lasts 4 years and ends up with final exam like in high-school and another technical exam. When students pass everything they've got certificate and can work.

From 1999 it is secondary obligatory step and is continued for 3 years. Before that date primary school was continued for 8 years and after that students went to secondary school. After Middle school students have a test.

Two years of vocational school is a place where people study one speciality. After 2 years, they pass exam, get certificate and can work in the specific speciality.


Primary school

Middle school

Secondary school

University education

Pre-school is first and not obligatory step in Polish system. At the age of 6 children have to go to pre-school or primary school.

This is a 6-year school. Children, who are 6 or 7(more common is 7) years old can go to primary school. In this step of Polish education, children have a general knowledge from all of the subjects.

High-school, which last for 3/4 years is a second posibility. And it ends up with final exams.

University education has a lot of kinds. Each and every of these has different criteria for accepting a student. But each of these schools base on the final exams. After graduating from college student gets a certificate.


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