Education in Afghanistan and Pakistan

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Education in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Edcation in Aganistan & Pakistan

Three Cups Of TeaGreg Mortenson after a long journey and a dreadful travel, built a school in Pakistan. He has built over 170 schools. He also made a organization called "Pennies For Peace" which collects money for school supplies.

Malalas StoryMalala on her way to school on the school bus, got shot in the head. Today, Malala has changed and influenced many lives. She won a noble peace prize in 2014 for the book she wrote called " I am Malala, The Girl who stood up for education and was shot by the taliban".

-education in pakistan for boys and girls was very uncommon-Since the falll of the taliban, girls have made up a third of the 3 million children who have flocked to schools when reopened -Some familys still belive that if their daughters study higher, they will forget their culture values-In afganistan, only 21 percent of women can read -Afganistan has a low amount of scholl supplies, so it is hard for the teachers to teach

this is greg!

this is Malala

Greg reading to children in pakistan.He has made a huge difference in afganistan and pakistan.


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