Education in 20th

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Education in 20th

•few went to highschool •in 1965-1985laws required kids ages 8-14 to attend school for 12-16 weeks•reading, writing, and arithmetic was the curriculum•teachers had strict rules with physical punishment•Kids hid so they wouldn't have to go to school to avoid being hit as punishment

•Most Africans were excluded•1890 1% attended highschool•majority of that 1% went to private schools•by 1910 about 3% went to school

•In 1900 3,880 African Americans attended college•Niagara Movement helped better education•Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute helped African Americans gain skill and their diplomas•most attended private schools

Expanding Public EducationIn the 20th Century

•Encouraged to go to school•immigrants quickly became "Americanized" •Schools effectively taught English•Adults attended night school to learn English so they could obtain citizenship

Higher Education for African Americans

Education For Immigrants

Racial Discrimination

Expanding of Education

A photo of the schoolkids of the Oxenford House 1824-1927


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