Education- Assessment Terminology

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Education- Assessment Terminology

Norm- and criterion- referenced tests:


Stanine- standarized score with mean of 5 and SD of 2.Standardized Test- formal assessment using norms as basis for student achievement comparison.Standard Error of Measurement- built-in error in standardized tests

Norms- a set of scoreswhich the performanceof others may be compared against

Percentile rank-position of score relativeto group of scores

Standard Deviation (SD)- measure of variability of dataset

Mean- arthimetic averageof a number set

Test validity andtest reliability:

Raw Score- # of itemsanswered correctly ontest

Diagnostic test- test to determine a student's specific skill strengths and weaknesses.


Performance test items- items that require written responses.Multiple choice test items- items that require picking answer from a list of possibles.

Passage Independence- test question that can be answered w/out text referenced.


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