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Educ 634


Glogging in the Classroom

Getting to know your students...


21st Century Learners

Glogster TutorialCreating Your Own Glog

Ways to have students use glogs in the classroom...1. Create a Virtual Collage from images, audio, and video from the web.2. Create a step by step glog of a math problem or concept.3. Create a biography of someone in history going down the glog as they get older.4. Create a timeline of events5.Showcase an experiment in class.6.Give directions on how to do something.7.Create a review of a book, movie, restaurant, play, etc.8. Create a glog for pages in a yearbook.9.Create a glog about an event for the school news or newspaper. 10.Create a Compare and Contrast Glog. 11.Create a Vocabulary Glog for your students. 12.Create a Glog Syllabus 13.Create a Glog Chapter Review for chapters of a textbook (Would make a great end of the year activity) 14.Create a "Who Am I" Glog to get to know your students. Great Icebreaker 15.Create a Family Tree Glog

Student glog: Ireland

Student glog: Animal Report

Student Glog:The Earth's Moon

How can you use a glog to communicate with your parents?



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