EDU617: School Family & Community Partnerships

by latchavez78
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EDU617: School Family & Community Partnerships

My name is Latasha Chavez, I live is San Diego Ca. I am a soccer mom, with great pride. My 3 younger kids play for a local soccer club Barca Cantera. I am an alumni from Ashford graduated in 2014 with my BA in health and human services. In 2010 when I began my journey with Ashford my desire was to be a social worker I would love to still work into the field however my long term goal has changed, I would like to obtain the position as the child welfare services director. My reason for studying education is to help my 7 year old son who may have a learning disability. He is in 2nd grade however his reading level is kindergarten. I have met with a team of people at his school to begin the process. I want to understand why teachers teach the way they do and be able to help him in the same manner he is learning in school. I was once an 8th grade dropout which is why I am dedicated to my son (all of my kids) and his education.



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