EDU 200 What is a teacher

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EDU 200 What is a teacher

What is teaching? What is a teacher? Think about those questions as you explore this Glogster

Check out this information about WHAT IS A TEACHER...

These videos relate to specific questions on your first observation assignment. As you watch them, think about...What are your worries and questions about teaching?What are you observing about teachers, students and yourself?What have you noticed about team work?Do you have what it takes to become a teacher?

How can you make a difference for ONE student in Can you make a difference for ONE student ?

How do teachers spend their time? What do you WISH for the students you will teach?How do teachers show they care about students?

This Glogster is a catalyst for several assignments in this practicum. When you finish reveiwing the Glogster, find the assignment - EDU 200 Glogster Assignment. There are a series of questions for you to answer throughout your practicum experience. The syllabus will explain the details.



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