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*iPads are touch censored tablets that can use apps and other functions to help students learn in a different and fun way! Learn more about the iPad by clicking the video right over here!*Almost any student can benefit from using an iPad in the classroom, but the students who seem to get the most from the device are students with special needs. *Special needs students can use the device to help with certain skills they may not be able to do on their own. For example, a student who cannot talk can use a voice app to put together sentences and have the app say the sentence for him/her. Learn more about iPads in speical needs classrooms over here! *Although the tool can be misused, it allows students of all ages to learn in an alternative and new manner. Like any piece of technology, the rewards outweight the risks*If you want to learn more about using iPads in any type of classroom, click on the link below and check out this podcast!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GbFOfUXt8U&feature=player_embedded

iPads are soon to be found in most classrooms, so learn about them now so you aren't behind the trend!

iPads in the Classroom!

Learn more about the iPad's role in special needs classrooms here!

Learn more about the iPad's general use here!



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