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Artificial Intelligence

-Artificial Intelligence refers to programs that work similarly to the way the human brain works.

-Artificial Intelligence programs have the power to improve and adapt software to an individual student's individual learning patterns and needs. An agent might be created for each individual student that would customize a learning style that matches up with how the student learns.

-An Artificial Intelligence program could really help out students that are having a tough time learning from the teacher.



-Students that are struggling in certain areas will be able to get help specifically designed to them.-Artificial Intelligence will soon be able to be virtual teacher aides.

-Since it is such a complex program, it would cost very much which would not allow for schools to provide them to every student.-The programs being created for Artificial Intelligence are not fully ready, so the systems will released for a few more years.

We all know that Wikipedia is a reliable source and here is a list of all the artificial intelligence programs that are currently being made.



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