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First Grade Writing Workshop

Mini-LessonA 5-10 minute lesson teaching one specific writing technique.

Writing TimeThe majority of the writing workshop for students to write independently.

Read AloudOppurtunity for a teacher to read professional's work as example.

SharingOppurtunity for students to share their writing piece with the class.

References: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n2JFx-en-LIbF388sQZgfLTAk9HQ2r4BM9Whwyr40wE/edit?usp=sharing

Writing Workshop Writing workshops can be invaluable for begininging writers to practice and develop their skills. One of the many skills that students develop are their communication skills. Writing workshops can do this a number of ways. To start off, they allow students to develop their writing and to put across ideas more clearly. This is done in a multitude of ways. The first way is that students are taught to improve spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills, making their writing exponentially easier to understand. Another way is that they are taught to use technology to produce and share ideas, giving students another medium to communicate. Students in writing workshops regularly share their writing with their peers and teachers, as well as receiving responses on their writing. This teaches them even more about communicating, as well as how to work with constructive criticism.

Assessing Writing 'Supporting Students' Needs

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