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Arts Enhanced Activities

Arts Integration Activities

These activities act as a “hook” to engage students in learning content. They don't teach students any objectives realted to actual art, like those activities they would do in art class.

Singing the ABCs to memorize the alphabet and remember their sequence. Students are not expected to learn about melody or learn to sing, they are simply learning the song to help them memorize the alphabet.

Students drawing pictures to learn vocabulary words. They are not learning about line, color, texture, etc., they are simply drawing a picture that will help them memorize the vocabulary word.

"Students meet dual learning objectives when they engage in the creative process to explore connections between an art form and another subject area to gain greater understanding in both."

The following website provides great examples of arts integration lessons. It provides the classroom subject and its standard along with the fine arts standard. http://educationcloset.com/arts-integration-lessons/

Performing a play or skit of a specific scence of a book to analyze charcters by becoming those characters. In doing this, students also learn about characterization, stage composition, action, expression, props, etc. This aids students in understanding characters and point of view, which ispart of English Language Arts.

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