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EDN 334: Newspaper Article

A Battle for the American DreamBy: Elizabeth Schrecengost

In the past few years, immigration has been a major topic of debate in the United States. Some politicians believe that we should close the southern border to prevent any more central and south americans from coming into the country. Many families' conditions in their home countries are so bad that they are sending their children alone across the border. This issue affects the children's lives because they come into this country with no family, little education, no money, and little to no English. Many students today are either immigrants themselves or the children of immigrants. These students' education are often in jeopardy because the lack of expectations from teachers and the lack of personal connections thay can make with the content that is taught in schools. In the article "Immigration, Any Small Goodness, and Integrated Social Studies" fifth grade teacher Mary Ledbetter, decided it was time for her students (many of them immigrants or children of immigrants) to learn social studies by making personal connections. Students begin the school year by reading "Any Small Goodness: A Novel of the Barrio" by Tony Johnston. In this young adult novel, Arturo, the protagonist, narrates the story of his family’s life in Los Angeles, where they moved from Mexico three years ago.

She also uses KWL charts, trade books, Immigration statistics, "artifact gallery walks", personal family pictures, online images, news articles and a guest speaker for students to learn about why people move. Students are able to use literature and art to learn social studies and make personal connections. In addition, it helps students understand larger concepts of social studies such as the U.S. Constitution, government and civil rights. Students also have an opportunity to see how the government handles big issues such as immigration, thus making them informed citizens. If fifth grade teacher Mary Ledbetter's method of teaching social studies class is applied in many classrooms across the U.S. and with the same amount of resources (i.e. statistics, articles, trade books, etc.) students will grasp the subject of social studies more easily. Future generations will become more informed and active citizens, thus creating their own American Dream.

Immigration, Any Small Goodness, and Integrated Social Studies

September 5, 2014

To Know More About Immigration Watch this Video: Immigration: The New Face of America



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