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Edmund Barton

Edmund BartonBorn: 18/01/1849 Died: 23/03/1938

Edmund Barton

Prime Minister

Edmund Barton Interview

BiographyEdmund Barton was born on the 18th of January 1849 in Glebe, Sydney to William Barton and Mary-Louise Whydah. He was the youngest of seven children. He went to Fort Street Model School from 1856 to 1858 then went to Sydney Grammar School from 1859 to 1864 then to the University of Sydney from 1865 to 1868. He then became a successful barrister in 1871 and joined the Sydney Mechanics Institute to learn the art of debating.He was then elected Prime Minister and he sure was qualified for the job! He'd been a Member of Parliament for 20 years before being Prime Minster and had served terms as Speaker of Legislative Assembly, Attorney General and Leader of the Opposition. The reason he was elected was because he had worked on federation for 10 years and the people trusted him. He was Prime Minister from 1 January 1901 to 24 September 1903. Afterwards he was a High Court Judge from 1903 to 1920. He then died on 23 March 1938 in Medlow, Bath.

JobsBarrister- 1871Entered NSW Poltics in 1877Prime Minister - 1 Jan 1901- 24 Sept 1903Hight Court Judge - 1903- 1920

Hobbies/ SchoolingFort Street Model School - 1856- 1858Sydney Grammar School-1859-1868University of Sydney- 1865- 1868Hobbies- Fishing,Cricket, Music

Judge Barton

Edmund Barton was married to Jean "Jeanie" Mason Ross on 28 December 1877 and they had 6 kids: - Alfred, 1879-Wilfred, 1880-Alice, 1882- Herbert, 1884-Oswald, 1888- Stephanie, 1892


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