[2015] Jenny Tang (Sem 2 McAdam Geo Pd 1): Edmonton

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[2015] Jenny Tang (Sem 2 McAdam Geo Pd 1): Edmonton

Fast Facts - The population of 877,926 people in 2014 - The area of Edmonton is 684.4 km²


West Edmonton Mall indoor waterpark

Edmonton's Civic Service Union 52

This is the Coat of Arms!

Edmonton.Industry, Integrity, Progress.

Edmonton Oliers, Edmonton's NHL hockey team.

Elk National Park.

Art Gallery of Alberta located in downtown Edmonton

Describe what's in the video!-In this short video shows some of the activities offered in Edmonton such as shopping, visiting art galleries, hiking, sight seeing and much more!


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    You've included some interesting facts on your poster. This is nice, but not necessary. Attractions, sites and activities should be the main focus. There are 3 sites included (a brief sentence about each would help) but no recreational activities are highlighted. What can tourists do in and around your city? Can they go skiing, surfing...?
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