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Edmodo Splash/GETFIT

In the 2011-2012 school year I co-taught a language arts enrichment class that only met twice a week. We decided to use the Edmodo platform as a way for our students to discuss the material on the days we did not have class. Everyone loved the easy interface and ability to discuss and ask questions at any time. Conversations became more in depth, assignments had more meaning because of the immediate feedback available. By the end of the year, all assignments and feedback were digital. Edmodo:Syncs to Google DocsAllows teacher annotations and digital feedback on assignmentsAllows real time conversations with students after class timeBadges and online gradebookEasily integrates Youtube vidoes, webpages and a number of apps into your classroom.


The Interactive Online Classroom

How to set up an Edmodo Classroom


1) Register for a teacher account on Edmodo 2)Choose "Create Group"3)Name your group and note the join code4) Begin adding content to your classroom5)Invite students, other teachers and administrators to join your classroom 6) Watch your classroom conversation deepend and expand





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