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Edgar Allan Poe

Edger Allan Poe was a very darkl and mysterious writer. He wrote a few bookks and short stories and all of them are dark and some are gruesom to say the least. Some of his books are,the Tell to Tale Hearts and the Raven.

Edger Allan Poe was in Boston in 1809 and is one of Americans greatest writers still today. He married his cousin which was very comon back then. Edger didnt have it easy growing up he was rased around death because all of his parents and step parents died at 24 by the same thing tuberoulosis. He sufferd a big drinking problem and went in to debt which made him go to the army. After tragic things would happen to him he would make a story out of it. When his wife died he wrote a beautiful poem about her and when people were being burried alive he wrote a story about that. Edger Allan Poe passed away in Philadelphia Pennsylvania which is now a historical site.

Edger Allan Poe


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Edger Allan Poe didn't reach fame until he passed away. But Edger Allan Poe is known for a lot of things such as his scary novels and poems and for keeping you interested in the book in whole time through.


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