Edgar Degas

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Edgar Degas

Two Dancers at the Barre

-Born July 19, 1834 in Paris, France-Both of his parents were musicians; he came from a naturally artistic household.-At 18, he copied paintings at the Louvre to improve his skills-In 1855 he gained admission into the Ecole Des Beaux-Art in Paris-After one year, he left and traveled Italy for three years, painting and exploring

-Coming back to Paris in 1859, he tried to make a name for himself-Originally tried mimicking paintings like he saw in the Louvre-Met Manet at the Louvre and became great friends.-The two both began believing artists needed more modern techniques and subjects

-By 1868, he was in a group of avant-garde artists-This included prominent names such as Manet and Monet-At the end of 1873, Degas and some of his fellow painters began putting on their own "Impressionist" exhibits, without the salon's approval-Died September 27, 1917

Two Dancers in the Rehersal Room With a Bass

Edgar Degas

Two Dancers On Stage

The Dance Class

Little Dancer Aged 14 Years

The Ballet From Robert le Diable

Edgar Degas' Paintings


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