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Edgar Allen Poe

Throughout most of his life, Edgar A. Poe was in desperate need of money . He received income through working as an editor for various journals. Finding a stable journal to work at was difficult at his time, and his problem with alcholism made it even more difficult. His life long goal of creating his own journal was never achieved due to financial and health issues.

"The Raven", written by Poe, was one of the major reasons for his fame.

Edgar Poe was born on January 19, 1809. Suffering the loss of his mother at the age of two, Edgar was taken to John and Frances Allen. He was later baptised as Edgar Allen Poe, although he had not been legally adopted by his foster parents.

*Edgar A. Poe inspired Sir Arthur Doyle to write the famous "Sherlock Holmes".* He had mysteriously dissapeared before his death.

Little Known Facts

As the father of the modern detective story, Edgar Allan Poe definitely inspired many authors. He had created a new major genre, which would stay popular to this day. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the famous "Sherlock Holmes", was inspired by Poe's works. If he had not made such contribution, there would not be as many stories filled suspense and mystery as there are now. Even though he had lived a rough life, experiencing the loss of many loved ones, Poe had managed to create awareness to new types of literature to the people of his era. "The Raven is probably one of his most famous works of literature. It contained literary elements such as mystery and foreshadowing, which are essential to a modern detective story. Edgar's stories would inspire many future authors to create stories, modeling Poe's works.

* Did you know if the modern detective story was going to be a major influence to literature?* How hard was it to write a detective story?* Did the low amount of income affect your style of writing?

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Edgar Allan Poe

Early Life

Jan 19, 1809 -Oct 7, 1849

Contribution to Modern Literature



"Poetry is the rythmical creation of beauty in words." This quote shows how Poe admires writing poetry.

"The Importance of Edgar Allan Poe" by Rafael Tilton

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