Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe

Some in interesting facts about Poe that he went to Penn state, but a gambled alot and got into so much debt that he couldn't afford to go school there, so he ran away and joined the army. However, he had social gatherings that he used to tell fictitous stories about trips to London and Paris. When he was still alive people called him tomahawk for his ruthless editorial opinions. In Poes will, it stated that when he died he wanted someone to tie a string around his finger.

Edgar Allen Poes Famous works is a beautiful poem called Annabell lee that was about his wife that died.

Edgar Allen Poes biography was that he was in Boston, Massachusetts in 1809, the same year as Abe Lincoln was born. When he was young at 3 years old his died and he was abandoned by his father and went in as a foster child. When he was 27 years old he married his 13 year-old cousin. Mysteriosly his brother and his wife died of tuberculosis.

Edgar Allen PoeBiography

One of Edgar Allen Poes achievements are when he wrote one of the greatest detective stories of all time. Also, they put a memorial in his name In Philadelphia , Pennsylvania






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