Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe

Poe was so creepy that everypone who knew about him thought he was not correctly functing as in he though so negitve about life beacuse of everyone who he love passed away.One of his famous story was abput his wife after she passed away whic was called "annabel lee"

Edgar Allen was born in Boston Massachusetts in 1809.He was the first writer of scary ,sppoky stuff.He didnt grow up his dad abandoned him long before his mom passed away.

Edgar Allan Poe


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His achievments were,that he basically invented scary stuff, so with out him we basically wouldnt be able to experince scary/funny scary movies cause nodbody.

Poe was an intense writer he wrote about muders and abput how women came alive from the deafd. Did you know he married his 13 yr old cousin.

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