Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe

The Tell Tale HeartThe RavenThe Sealed Room

Poe's parents were divoreced and his mother took him and his two siblings. She died when Poe was 2. Once he got to college, Poe drank and went into debt. He dropped out in less than a year. At this point, he had no money or job skills so he enlisted in the army. After Poe got out of the army, he began to write poems and short stories, but he had no connections with people and no one noticed his work. Until, he came out with some of his most popular work and became more widely known. Poe left Philidelphiaand and was supposed to go to New York but got on the wrong train and went to Balyimore. Later he was found in bad health on the streets and was taken to the hospital. He died on Sunday October , 1849.

Edgar Allan Poe


Famous Works


-Joins the army and becomes a published author shortly after.-Takes a job as editor of the Southern Literary Messenger.-Marries 13-year-old cousin Virginia Clemm.-Moves to Philidelpia with wife.-Publishes The Raven.


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