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Edgar Allan Poe

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Early Life A

How He Died A

Poe's dad divorced his mom before Poe was three. His mom died of tuberculosis when he was about three years-old. Edgar then slept with his blanket over his head in fear of a dead person getting him during his slumber. Poe was orphaned and he was separated from his two siblings and was raised by Fanny and John Allan, his foster parents. He had a large forehead, a thoughtful stare, and a talent with words. Poe was fifteen when his first girlfriend died from the same illness his mother died from, tuberculosis. He dropped out of college and the army by the time he was twenty. Poe also published his first book of poems at this time, so writing became his life's work. His stepmom, Fanny, died of tuberculosis. John, his other stepparent, shooed Poe off, since John didn't like him very much. Homeless Poe started talking to his brother Henry again, but he died of tuberculosis. Poe ended up moving in with his aunt and his cousin, Virginia, and he fell in love with the thirteen year-old Virginia and they got married. Virginia ended up dying of tuberculosis a few years afterwards. Poe used the sadness of his wife's death to write "The Raven," which became an instant classic. He was a celebrity. Writing did not help, as it only made him three hundred dollars in his lifetime. He ended up going from city to city in a hopeless pursuit to find a job.

Poe had stayed at a hospital for a few days because of what his relatives and the doctors thought to be disorientation (drunk). "Reynolds" was a name Poe had blabbered about during his final day at the hospital. He died at the hospital on October 7, 1849. Doctors at the time thought his cause of death was "congestion of the brain," a common medical phrase that explained nothing. Most people assumed Poe had died of alcohol poisoning, but Poe was disorientated (drunk) for four days without any alcohol. A possible cause of his death is a rabid animal bit him. He refused to drink water at the hospital (people with rabies cannot swallow water). People with rabies also act like they are drunk, and Poe acted drunk during his final days, which explains why he never sobered up. Edgar could have also been apart of a voter-fraud which pays participants with free alcohol. Reynolds, the name Poe had been talking about, was a polling official.9@

Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. Poe passed away on October 7, 1849 at the age of forty in Baltimore, Maryland.

AHe wrote the famous poem "The Raven." He also wrote the very famous "The Tell-tale Heart." Poe's story, "The murders in the Rue Morgue" is believed to be the first detective story ever written, being published in 1841.

Poe's old house was planned to be torn down by New York University in early 2001 (was decided not to be torn down).C Every year (1949-2009) a man dressed in a black overcoat and a brimmed hat known as the Poe Toaster goes to Poe's grave, leaving three roses and half of a bottle of cognac.C He called his invention of detective stories "tales of ratiocination."B

Major Accomplishments

BMuch of Poe's early works often imitated or parodied other famous genres.

Interesting Facts

Readings of "Annabel Lee" and "Alone"

Date of Birth/Death

An author that mostly wrote stories with the grim themes of misery, lonenliness, and death.


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