Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar had the nickname tomahawk. He got this nickname because of his ruthless edetorial editorial opinions. He was abandened twice once by his real parents and anouther by his step parents.

Some of Edgars famous literary works are Annabell lee. this poem was written for his dead wife(cousin). The raven was also one of his most famous literary work.

Edgar Allen Poe was left alone by his self. His dad left him and his mom, brother,and wife (his cousin) died of teberculosis. When his wife died he wrote a beautiful poem about he called Annabel lee. He would lie at meetings and tell fictious stories about trips to london and paris.

EdgarAllen Poe

One of Edgar Allen Poes acheivements are when they put a memorial in his name. They put the memorial in philadelphia. He was a famous poem writert hat was very recognized.






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