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Edgar Allan Poe

Friendship and co-workers

He could never get over his wife that died of TB. He could never get a job because he had a horrible personality. Edgar Allan Poe suffered from so illness. This effected him because he couldn't get money to buy things that he needed.

Edgar Allan Poe didn't have very many friends because people called him Tomahack man. He wrote creepy stories and everyone thought he was on drugs and was an acholic. He would always critze people stoires because he was always critzied by John Allan. This effected his life because he was lonely, he didn't talk to anyone that he wasn't related to.



Edgar Allan Poe


Edgar Allan Poe had a rough life. His dad, David Poe Jr, left him when he was 2, and his mom, Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins, died from TB when he was 3. He was separated from his brother Henry and younger sister Rosalie and adopted by the Allan family. His step mother loved him but unfortunately died when he was 20 years old. While she was on her death bed, his stepfather was seeing another woman. when Edgar found out, his stepfather didn't want him to know so he sent him away at age 18. so he moved in with his aunt and cousin in Baltimore. he married his cousin Virginia when he was 26 and she was 13. she died from TB also. This impacted his life because it effected his writing. He writes morbid stories and includes blood and death in his stories.


Draw my life Edgar Allan Poe

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