Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe

Married his 13 year old cousin. His wife, mom and brother died from turberculosis and was abanded by his father. Was knowen to be a creepy guy. Wrote the first ever detective story. Didn't become famous until he wrote The Raven.

*wrote Annabel lee after his wife died*his most interseting story was The Raven

Edgar Allan poe was born in January 19, 1809 when he was three his mother died from turberculosis then his father left him then he was put in the Poe family then that mother died and the father left him it was very cruel because when the cold came he had to burn the furniture just to keep him warm later in his 20's he feel in love with his 13 year old cousin and secretly married her then publicly married her when she was in her 20's. He wrote many stories but his most poplar story he wrote was The Raven. Soon she died from turberculosis then after her death he wrote a poem Annabel lee which was the last poem he wrote before he died in October 7, 1849 no one to this day knows how he really died but they say that he went missing and when they found him he was drunk and injured so the took him to the hospital and he died from something.

EdgarAllan Poe

*wrote first detective story*wrote Annabel lee*didn't become famous until The Raven*wrote a lot of horror





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