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edgar allan poe

Point of view: the point of view is by the main character that is the caregiver to the older man and he is telling the reader how he feels in story/ poem. He also talks about what he heard, and what happens when the police come and check the house because the neighbors heard a loud scream.

" The Tell-Tale Heart " By: Edgar Allan Poe Leeanna Cruz

exposition: The exposition is when the narrator talks about the old man's "evil eye"Rising action: is when the caregiver tells the reader that for 7 nights at 12 o'clock he would go to the old man's room and see if he was a wake and, when the 8th night came he was going to kill the old man, even because he just wanted the "evil eye" to go away.

Characters: the caregiver, and the old manSetting: in a house, and the main character is the old man's care giver.setting: in the old man's house at night

Conflict:In the poem " The Tell-Tale Heart " the conflict in this story is when the narrator or main character goes to the old man's room on the 8th night to kill the old man, because of his "evil eye".Climax:The climax is when the caregiver is in the old mans room, and the old man knows there is something/ someone there

resolution:is when the caregiver admits to the polic that he killed the old man,but the caregiver explains that he never wanted to hurt him, but his eye made him feel uncomfortable, so he made a plan to get rid of the "evil eye"At the end of the story the care giver was accused for murdering the old man


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