EDG 4410 Final

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EDG 4410 Final

National effort for every state to have the same curriculum for students

Classroom Structure

Classroom Management

Classroom Management

Code of Ethics

Diverse Learners

Kinestic- using body, hands, senses to learnVisual- perfer using images and picturesAuditory- uses sounds and musicVerbal- using words, written or speech

Motivate students by including their interest in the subjectCreating a safe enviornmentBe a caring teacherBe firm with rules and have high expectations for students

Don't wait to enforce rulesNo classroom controlIneffective classroom environment

Having the same standards across the country will provide teachers and parents a common understanding of the benchamarks students should be reaching

Principle I: Ethical Conduct toward studentsPrinciple II: Ethical Conduct toward Practices and PerformancePrinciple III: Ethical Conduct toward Professional ColleaguesPrinciple IV: Ethical Conduct toward Parents and Community



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