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Eden's Glog

May 14, 1821My mom, dad, and I just left on the Old Spanish Trail. I am one of the few kids being able to go on the trip. I couldn't take much so I decided to take me journal, a pen, and my canteen so I can fill it up if we run out of water on the way and there is a pond or river nearby. Never ever did I want to come on the trip because my best friend didn't get to come. The worst part is there are no wagons just a bunch of donkeys. I either get to walk beside the donkey or be on it, which probably won't happen because they have to carry all of the supplies. They have to carry us through mountains, canyons, rocky and sandy land, and very steep hills. I hope we don't have to go on many steep hills or mountains. May 16, 1821We just started on the trail. It is very bumpy and umcomfortable. I have seen many plants and a very pretty flower. I saw the flower by the mountains. There were a bunch of them. Here is what they looked like.May 31, 1821I am now 15 days into the trip and am feeling great. My mom, though, has caught some sort of disease. She doesn't seem to be doing very good. I hope she gets better soon. I am very warm. The temperatures are very hot. Yesterday it got to at least 89 degrees. The donkeys are going slow because we can't find any water and it is not fun to ride on them. My canteen is almost empty too, but my dad says we will find water soon. June 4, 1821I am having a great time today. We have great food like meat and bread. Every time we get hungry my dad has to make a fire and roast the meat. We got the meat from the Indians. We traded some of our pots, pans, clothes, and old supplies for there food, blankets, and water. My dad said that is what we came to do so we would be stopping to trade a lot. I thought the Indians looked funny. I drew a picture of what they looked like. Their clothes are way different then ours. We wear pants and white shirts and they wear a lot of colors, hats, and big boots.June 9, 1821We are all sitting around the campfire and my mom got better. At first I was sad she was sick, but now i am happy she is better. My dad is telling a story of the coyotes that are in New Mexico. I don't know if he is trying to scare me or just make me aware, but that story was scaring me. I don't think I will ever go outside during a full moon again.June 12, 1821My dad says we are almost done with our journey. I got mad at him because he wouldn't stop and let me hang out with the rest of the Indian boys while he did trade. We haven't stopped anywhere I want to go and I am thinking we never will. we haven't even gone through any places interesting. All we have stopped at are a bunch of ponds and places to trade. Every place we have went through has been something for the parents. Now I know why not many kids went on the Old Spanish Trail. June 19, 1821Today my mom, dad and a bunch of other people are singing. My dad is whisteled while my mom stomped as she walked to keep the beat. Mostly everybody is singing, but I don't know the song so I am just listening. I saw a bunch of toads. They are small and not as creepy as the lizards I just saw. I hope we don't see any more of those along the way. June 23, 1821It is officially the last day of the trip. We are close to where we are suppose to stop. I enjoyed the journey even though we didn't really do anything that I wanted to do. I am actually kind of sad it is over. We are stopping in the bottom corner of New Mexico. I am not sure what city. Overall, I had a pretty good journey.


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