Eden Lake

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Eden Lake

Personal ReviewI've watched this film twice, and each time it makes me feel so upset!I know that there must be a lot of kids like the ones in the movie which don't really care about their actions and the consequences that come with them.It also shows a great example of how much damage do parents to their kids when they just don't know how to raise them and be an exaple for them.

Eden Lake

This film is about a couple who wants to spend a calmed weekend away from the noise and the never-ending rush of the city. They go to a place which is located in the countryside and it's also about to be residential. The first thing they do is to notice the beauty and tranquility of the place, which is soon going to be nothing but chaos. They set up their tent and start enjoying the sun.. they soon find out that they're not alone. There's a group of youngsters who are messing around and playing loud music not many meters away from them. Steve, one of the main characters go and ask them to lower the sound because it's annoying them; this is the beginning of the brutal torture they're gonna face from now on. The story shows one of the terrible results of bad parenting and how much it affects kids; which later on might have the same bad behaviour of their parents or do crazy and reckless acts.



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