Eden Lake

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Eden Lake

This film is about a couple who decide to camp on a lake, in a weekend. Its tranquility in the lake is finished when a group of young people living near the lake, stealing personal belongings of the couple and leave his broken truck. When the couple argues,suffer attack by young, gradually ending the life of the husband to burn her body, the woman survived, but her husband and two children are dead.Eventually the woman when he escapes from Lake arrives at a house to ask for help and then realize it was the parents of one of the young, who killed her husband.


It is amazing how young people can have the mindset to end the life of a person, as may be able to face these decisions as an adult.Many young people choose to work, go to college, what to do for their future, but they just wanted to annoy visitors of the people, help their families, and spend all day outside the home.With all this we might consider that these young people are a bad example for life.



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