Eden Lake

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Eden Lake

Eden Lake

Synopsis!The car of the protagonists penetrates the cartel of welcome to the Lake Eden and warned that in the back part there is the identical one that already puts us in alert of which probably it is not going to be quite so perfect as they imagine. They, which he is enjoying the Sun on the banks of the lake, it faces the boys of the bicycles for an excess, the high music of his radio. The candid teenagers reveal themselves as a few demons without remorses and they will not do disgusts to any type of torture to punish the invaders of his small habitat. There is a certain competitive zeal in the kind of the terror for demonstrates the one who comes beyond in the representation of the sadism.

My View Point!In this movie it is possible to see as the social acceptance and the bullying they can influence the teenagers, since the parents it does not have control on his children and they do not even know where they find not that they do, even being badly an example the parents apologize in the prayer " they are alone children ", it demonstrates that the values of the home are getting lost, and wherefrom at the time the young persons are learning his values? The young persons manage to shelter in each of the males of this one world which manage to be the drug, the gangs, etc


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