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Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen




Eddie Van Halen has been around music all of his life. His father was a musician as well as his mother.He first started in backyard concerts. He met Roth and Micheal Anthony while playing at a high school party. They started getting noticed when they in a club called The Whiskey Go Go. In 1978, Eddie released his debut album "Van Halen".

Origin: Pasadena, California

Genre: Hard Rock

Years Active: 1978 - Present

Members: David Lee RothAlex Van Halen Micheal AnthonyWolfgang Van HalenSammy Hagar

1955- Eddie Van Halen was born in the Netherlands1962- Eddie and his family moved to California1978- His band released their debut ablum Van Halen.1981- He got married to Valerie Bertinelli1983- Created his own guitar.1985- started working with Sammy Hagar.1991- His son Wolfgang Van Halen was born2007- Was divorced2008- Created his signature guitar and named it after his son.2012- A Different Kind Of Truth released

Eddie Van Halen was labeled a "Guitar God". Later in the years, Eddie came up with his own company called EVH. He made a series of guitars and named it after his son Wolfgang. They made rock noticable again. It was hard to bring rock back. Pop music was a big thing.

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Eddie Van Halen was good friends with Lester William. Lester William was known as Les Paul. Eddie even got to play with people he admired like BB King, Steve Miller Band, Les Paul, and Stray Cats.


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