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Eddie Mabo

Mabo was born Eddie Koiki Sambo but he changed his surname to Mabo when he was adopted by his maternal uncle, Benny Mabo. He was born on the island of Mer (Murray Island) in the Torres Strait between Australia and Papua New Guinea.Mabo married Bonita Neehow, an Australian South Sea Islander, in 1959 and the couple had ten children. Their daughter, Gail is an Aboriginal artist and dancer who works with schools in New South Wales as a cultural advisor and serves as the family's designated spokesperson.


29 June 1936- Mabo was born.1 January 1960- Aboriginal activisits1 January- University spheech.21 January 1992- Mabo died

Eddie Mabo will be remembered by most Aboriginals and Australians.Eddie Mabo fought through some really hard times and still managed to survive.A couple of weeks later Eddie Mabo died and managed to win the land that he faught for, Murray Island.He fought for Aboriginal rights

Lasting Impact

Eddie Mabo fought for Aboriginal rights and still holds a place for Australia.


Eddie Mabo



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Mabo worked on pearling boats, as a cane cutter, and as a railway fettler before becoming a gardener at James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland at the age of 31. The time he spent on the campus had a massive impact on his life.


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