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Eddie Mabo Glog

The Mabo Decision

It was a case that recognised that the Meriam people, Torres Strait Islanders, owned the Murray islands.

What was it?

How did it get its name?

Eddie "Koiki"  Mabo




What Happened?

The case ran for 10 years.         On June 3rd,1992, the high court said that Australia was never terra nullius, meaning   land belonging to no one. Also, the Meriam people officially got their land back.

How did it start?

Eddie Mabo was a Torres Strait Islander, and he didn't agree with the government. In 1981 he did a speech about his peoples beliefs of land ownership. After that, a lawyer who had heard the speech asked Eddie if he wanted to challenge the government.

This is where the Murray islands are.

Mabo Day is on June 3rd, celebrating Eddie Mabo

Eddie Mabo has his own movie.

Eddie Mabo died in 1992 of cancer.

It is named after Eddie Mabo, a man who fought for land rights for the traditional owners, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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