Eddie Carlot (Gunz)

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Eddie Carlot (Gunz)


ACP: Automatic Colt PistolMostly Cops and Security use this top of gun 9mm

ANFO: Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil its a mixtured of a explosive its a rather weak explosive because you need super heat to make it go off.

Arsenal: This is another name they give for firearms/ammo/Accessories. they uselly use this term when Police pile the guns.

Autoloader: is a gun that Auto loads the next clip for you to be fired out the chamber. Either upon the pull of the trigger in an open bolt design or upon the firing of the previous round in a close bolt design.

Automatic:An fully automatic firearm is capable of sequentially firing two or more cartridges with a single pull of the trigger. A fully automatic firearm is also called a machine gun.

Bipod:A two legged support for the front end of a rifle to stabilize the gun while shooting.

Boat Tail:A type of projectile that has a tapered base (rear end) that reduces the drag from the air as it travels to its target.

Bolt Action:A type of firearm, almost always a rifle, in which an empty shell casing (remnant of a cartridge) is removed from the firing chamber by the turning and retraction of a metal cylinder shaped mechanism called a bolt. A new, unfired, cartridge is inserted and secured into the chamber by reversing the action of the bolt.

Bull Barrel:A barrel which has the same outside diameter it's entire length. This type of barrel has the advantage of being very stiff and hence a greater potential to be accurate. It has the disadvantage of being heavy. Many of the rifles shot at the Boomershoot will have bull (or very slight taper) barrels.

Brass:A slang term for an empty shell casing. Most shell casings are made of the metal alloy known as brass

Can:Slang term for a firearm sound suppressor.

Carbine:A short, lightweight rifle with a barrel that usually measures less than 22". In German, Karabiner means carbine

Cylinder: A rotating cartridge container in a revolver. The cartridges are held in the chambers and the cylinder turns, either to the left or to the right depending on the gun maker's design, as the hammer is cocked.

Guns are mostly used for Secuirty Uses like Cops/Swat/Army but some people buy it for home protection or because they collect various rare guns from WW2 or new ones. but some times they can be used for Bad things and the Swat/army have to use force to make them stop. (to add to that cops only use there guns if its the last thing they must do)

100 round Glock


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