edcmooc task

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edcmooc task

a few key questions to consider....what is 'digital culture' & is it changing education?do we learn differently online? can we teach intelligently in this space?is ICT the way to a better life, or has Internet killed the classroom star? are computers destroying education as we know it?are ideas about online education shaped by sci-fi? are the technologies of today only possible because of how they were imagined yesterday? what are we imagining today about tomorrow? how is that imagined future shaped by inherited traditions of storytelling & argument?


eLearning & digital culture mooc 2013


1) clarify personal learning objectives2) learn tools of digital exchange3) watch sci-fi movies 4) explore academic discourses on AI & ICT in education5) choose a single theme & create a visual, digital artefact to represent your amazingly deep new understanding of it6) share online & give feedback to others

inspiration from Dirk



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