EDCI 270; case 3 posterboard

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EDCI 270; case 3 posterboard

The lesson plan that we created is very flexible for the busy schedules of the teachers involved.Here are the steps to follow for our lesson plan: 1. We created a Prezi that explains our topic and why it is a problem. It also includes example videos and ways to try to stop the viewing of the innapropriate material in school.2. The prezi was sent out to each teacher in the school district in an email.3. They are supposed to watch the prezi with the included videos and take any notes over it that they saw fit.4. After they finished, they had to sign up for a mandatory meeting time that they could attend to assess the subject better.5. The meeting was going to be run by the Technology Support Committee.6. The meeting is an open forum for questions or concerns.7. Each teacher must sign in upon attendance of the meeting so that the school could track who participated in the program and who did not.

Viewing Inappropriate Material

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Top four most searched words on the internet by kids under the age of 18.


1. Youtube2. Google3. Facebook4. Sex

Example of a video within our Prezi for internet rules and safety

Always ask your peers for any other suggestions to see what they are doing in their classroom to help the cause!



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