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Social Studies

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LanguageQuechuaSpanishSportssoccer [futbol]basketballhockeyvolleyball

Fabulous Foodschanchocuy [guine pig]empanadastostonestamalessoupa de calamaresmiez


Size109,483 square milescoordinates0° South and 78° west

LocationSouth AmericaWhat They Call Their MoneyThe Dollar

Religion[most dominant]ChristianityClimatevaries

GovernmentEcuador has a republic government system. A republic government is when all the people have the power to elect representatives. Thier current leader is Rafael Correa

EconomyEcuador has a mixed economic system. The economy includes different types of private freedom, including government rules.

Fun FactEcuadors national bird is the Andean Condor. This bird is on the flag and his outstretched wings symbolize the power, greatness and strength of Ecuador.

Fun FactEcuador got its name because it is close to the equator and ecuador sounds like equator.

Land FeaturesThe geographical land features in Ecuador are cliffs, ridges, volcanos, fertile plains, basins, valleys, costal lowlands, islands, and rain forests.

Fun FactThe colors of the ecuadorian flag is yellow for the different cultures in the country, blue for the sky and the sea, and red for the blood of those who fought for independence.

Dear Tourist, Ecuador is an amazing place to visit. In Ecuador there are beautiful islands like the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands have beautiful and rare sea and land animals, such as the Giant Tortise.Their are also festivals that take place. All the bright colors and friendly people make you feel at home and want to stay there forever. There is also the Cotopaxi volcano is an active volcano in the Andes Mountains. thank you for considering ecuador as a vacation spot.From your trip adviser,Jackie.

HolidaysCarnival, New Year's Day, Día de los Inocentes, y Reyes Magos, Easter, and Independence Day [ may 24 ]


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