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Social Studies

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Population: 16,258,561 millionReligion: Roman Caltholic, Christian, Catholicism.Language Spoken: SpainshLIfe Expectancy: 76Infant Mortality: 19/100Literacy Rate: 91.6%



Map of Ecuador

Quito Ecuador

1.Ecuador is one of the three countries that were created in 1830, after the collaps of Gran Columbia. 2.National flower is a rose.

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Must Sees:1.Shop at Otavalo Market,south americas largest market place.2.Learn to surf in Montania.3.Walk Cuenca's Historic city center, best plae in Ecuador to try cuy (guinea pig).

Some pressing problems in Ecuador are effluents which are waste materials, such as smoke, sewage, or industrial waste which are released in to the invronment, subsequently polluting it. Another problem that Euador is going through are Noxious Substances and those are injurious, very harmful to living beings.

United States is still primary customer to Ecuador. They baught in the first quarter of 2015, 43% of export basket of the country. U.S. bought 2.203 miollion dolllars in the first three months.

Euador is a very safe place to go to!

ClimateLows of 50 at night and 70 during the day, spring like whether all year round.


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