[2015] Amber Buhman: Ecuador

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[2015] Amber Buhman: Ecuador

Mom said that we are in need of an English teacher around here. She said that if I learn English, there will be more job oppurtunities, than she has now. She hopes I can make more than ten dollars a day when I grow up. She wants me to learn English. It's easier to get jobs in business if I know English. Some people work nine months here in Ecuador, then go to the United States to work the other three, but I don't think that's fair to those of us who can't go to the U.S. and work. A lot of Americans come to jobs in white water rafting or other jobs. They get jobs over us, because they know English.Mom hopes I can get into a university after I get done with secondary school, since I'm already done with primary schooling. I hope to go to a good university, so I can get a good job, and make my family proud of me. School starts at seven everyday. Everyone in our family works hard, to bring in money. We spend a lot of time making food, and I sometimes get to hang out with friends in the evening.

The Fiestas de Quito is coming up. I'm so excited, I can't wait for the bullfights, and all of the dancing, and carnivals. We also get to see nativity reinactments, and have a lot of fun. We finally get to dress up, and get rid of these white blouses and shawls, and put on some dancing clothes.

We learned in school today that our government is a lot like the United State's government. We have three branches of government, excecutive, legislative, and judicial, just like the U.S. We also learned that most of our countries income is from oil, bananas, shrimp, and gold. I thought it was really interesting how much we're like the United States.

Today we went to mass at the Catholic Church down the street. There were visitors who didn't know any of the Spanish, so they were completely lost the whole service. Then we had Cuy (guniea pig) for lunch, because it was on sale in the markets. There was hardly any meat on the piece I got. It was a pretty normal day.



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