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LONG TERM AFFECTS!!Dramatic increase in heart rate, leading to serious complications for people with cardiovascular disease.Dehydration can lead to liver and kidney failure.Disturbing emotional reactions, confusion, depression, sleep problems, drug craving, severe anxiety, and heart palpitations. Symptoms last a long time after taking the drug.Depletes the amount of serotonin in the brain and blocks uptake of serotonin.Toxic to the brain.Impairs memory.Brain damage is directly related to amount and frequency of usage.

Short term affects!!Gives you energyDistorts time and perceptionIncreases enjoyment from touchingInability to regulate temperatureSharp increase in body temperature, hyperthermia, heatstrokeLiver, kidney, and cardiovascular system failurePerceptual changes, anxiety, jaw-clenching, dry mouth, and appetite changesBlood pressure increasesHeadachesChillsEye-twitchingBlurred visionNauseaDehydrationMuscle tensionSevere sweatingFaintnessSeizuresDay-after depression

* Adam * Beans * Candy * Dancing Shoes * Disco Biscuits * Doves * E-bomb * Egg Rolls * Happy Pill * Hug Drug * Love Drug * Malcolm (or Malcolm X) * Scooby Snacks * Smartees * Sweets * Skittles * Thizz * Vitamin E or Vitamin X * Vowels

There are heaps of comebacks to say to to drugs..."Everyones doing drugs!": "I'm pretty sure there are plenty of other people not doing drugs, plus it's not right for me anyway.""Nobody will know..." : If i get caught i will be grounded for life so im not taking any chances!""Pot will make you feel good!" : "I already feel good i aint messing it up.""This is really cool stuff" : "My friend got really really sick from it, so im good thanks"

Coming down (the day after):physical exhaustion depression and irritability insomnia anxiety paranoia difficulty concentrating.