[2015] Lana C.: Ecstasy

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[2015] Lana C.: Ecstasy


What It Is



Short term and Long term effects


on the body...


of using Ecstasy

Ecstasy smothers the natural alarm signals given out by the body. As a result, after taking the drug, an individual risks going beyond his/her physical limitations and endurance. For example, a person on Ecstasy may not realize that he has become overheated and can faint or even die of heatstroke.A study by the University of Texas Center for Social Work Research found that the long-term effects of Ecstasy most frequently reported included depression and a reduced ability to concentrate. The researchers also found repeated use of Ecstasy to be associated with sleep, mood and anxiety disturbances; tremors or twitches; and memory problems.

Methylenedioxy, better known as MDMA, ecstasy or molly, is currently used as a recreational drug (although it was origionaly used in psychotherapy.) he drug's effects last for 3-8 hours and users often take second doses after the effects of the first wears off. It is also often taken in combination with other drugs such as mairjuana.

MDMA has many effects on the human body, both 'positive' and negative. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter (relay massages to the brain) that is synthesized, stored, and released by specific neurons in this pathway. It affects things like reflexes, emotion, and memory. MDMA releases large quantities of Serotonin which causes your brain to destroy more than usual, since there is a certain amount of serotonin the body can take. This cycle causes you mood swings, and thus eating, sleeping, and learning. MDMA also changes your sleeping cycle, which is why it is such a popular party drug.


Don't do drugs;they are bad!

LONG TERM:-Brain damage affecting thought and memory-Damage to portions of the brain that regulate critical functions such as learning, sleep and emotion-Depression, anxiety, memory loss-Kidney failure-Hemorrhaging-Psychosis-Cardiovascular collapse-Convulsions-Death

SHORT TERM:-Impaired judgment-False sense of affection-Confusion-Depression-Sleep problems-Severe anxiety-Paranoia-Drug cravings-Muscle tension-Faintness and chills or swelling-Involuntary teeth clenching-Blurred vision-Nausea

Even though ecstasy can cause euphoria and relaxation, the negative side effects are too great of a risk. It can cause mood swings, brain damage, and even death.Please don't do drugs, it's bad for your health


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