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An ecosystem is a complex relationship betweenthe resources, habatats and the residents of the area. this includes all living and nonliving things

Biotic factors are the living animal or organisms in the eco systems like plants animals bacteria and fungiAbiotic factors are the non living things in an eco system these include sun, temoerature, water and soil

Biotic and Abiotic factors

SavannaBiotic factors acacia senegal, LionsAbiotic factors winter cool and dry, summer wet and humid, water is scarce

TaigaBiotic Factors Moose and BearAbiotic Factors cold and hot season little sunlight reachs ground from tree cover

Sonoran DesertBiotic factors roadrunner coyoteAbiotic factors The soil commonly found is alkaline, Sand dunes prevent soil erosion

Tropical RainforestBiotic factors jaguar, pumaAbiotic factors river and the heavy rainfall annually

The Jaguar uses the rivers to sneak up onto pray

the coyotes use the dirt to make a home and to keep out of the gruling heat of the day

The acacia has very long roots to search for the scarce water in the savanna

Bears Fur coat Thickness depend on the temperature out side so during the winter the fur coat won't be as thick and durng the summer it will be thinner

Desert: In the desert ecosystem there is a big competion with the eagles and the rattlesnake who compete for small birds Jungle: Jaguars in the jungle hunt on anything they can snach up like the tapir.


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