[2015] Dylan Ball: Ecosystems Rainforest

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[2015] Dylan Ball: Ecosystems Rainforest


The climate in a rainforest is very humid and moist. Especially it rains a lot there too.

Tiger in the Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is one of the biggest rainforests in the world. It is more than 5.5 million kilometers big. There are more than 10 million species of plants, animals, insects, and trees in the rainforest. Did you know it takes 10 minutes for rain to fall down from the canopy to the forest floor? If the Amazon rainforest doesn't get enough rain by 2020, it will destroy 75% of the rainforest! There are four layers, the first is the emergent layer which is the tippy top, the canopy layer which is in the trees, the understory layer which is right above the forest floor, and the forest floor which is very damp and that is where most insects live.

These are the rainforests layers. There are four layers. The Emergent Layer, the Canopy Layer, the Understory Layer, and lastly the Forest Floor

Water is a nonliving part in the rainforest

This a new species of a frog that scientists found in the rainforest. It is called the glass frog


There are lots of living and nonliving things that appear in the rainforest. There are many living things in the rainforest like plants, animals, and fungi. For example, here are some type of plants and trees in the rainforest, a kapok tree, brazil nut trees, another plant called cercropia, and also a chewing gum tree. ( that is where gum comes from which you probaly already know.) And lastly, a fig tree. Then there is another living part of the the rainforest which is animals. There are tons of animals in the rainforest but I can only discuss a few of them. There are birds such as tucans and parrots. Next, there are frogs like the poison arrow frog. Also scientists found this new species of a frog called the glass frog. You can see all the parts of its body. Another animal is a tree snail. Then there is a morpho butterfly and another really cool animal called the rhinoceros beetle. A spider monkey, a sloth, and lastly a boa which is a snake lives in the rainforest. The last living part of this ecosystem is fungi. Such as moss and bacteria. Now we are on to the nonliving parts in the rainforest. For example, there are many landforms, the climate temperature, and water such as rivers, waterfalls, and ponds. First on, we are on to landforms. Like mountains, hills, and foothills. Next there is the climate in the rainforest, it is very humid, moist, and rainy. The temperature in the rainforest during the daytime is 80 to 90 degrees and rarely reach to 100. In the nighttime it can drop down to 50 degrees. And now lastly, there are many rivers, waterfalls, ponds, and etc. There is the Amazon river that flows through the Amazon rainforest. There are ponds with many living things like fish, crocodiles, and even rhinoceros. And there is waterfalls that the water falls down and then goes through a river. Finally, there is many rocks and dirt in the rivers, mountains, and the forest floor. So, that is all the living and nonliving thngs that I talked about. P.S. You do not have to answer the questions on the video.

This video I found will show you some more animals that live in the rainforest.


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